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No. Product Photo Part Number Product Description PDF
1 DFR-XX-XXX-304 Right Angle Female Type R Connectors 96 Positions
2 DMS-XX-XXX-305 Vertical Plug Type R Connectors-Inversed 96 Positions
3 DFR-XX-XXX-307 Right angle Female Type R Connectors 150 Positions
4 DFR-XX-XXX-308 Right Angle Female Extended(120 Positions) Type R Connectors
5 DMS-XX-XXX-309 Vertical Plug Extended Type R Solder Type Connectors 120 Positions
6 DMS-XX-XXX-310 Vertical Plug Extended Type R press-Fit Connectors 120 Positions
7 DFR-XX-XXX-314 Right Angle Female Type Half R Connectors 48 Positions
8 DMS-XX-XXX-315 Vertical Plug Type Half R Connectors-Inversed 48 Positions
9 DMS-XX-XXX-316 Vertical Plug Type Half R Compliant press-Fit Connectors 48 Positions
10 DFR-XX-XXX-320 Right Angle Female Type 1/3R Connectors 30 Positions
11 DMS-XX-XXX-321 Vertical Plug Type 1/3R Connectors-Inversed 30 Positions
12 DMS-XX-XXX-322 Vertical Plug Type 1/3R Compliant press-Fit Connectors 30 Positions
13 DMS-XX-XXX-323 Vertical Plug Type R Compliant press-Fit Connectors 96 Positions
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