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No. Product Photo Part Number Product Description PDF
1 BHAS01-XXXXX 1.27mm Box Header180 H=4.9
2 BHAS02-XXXXX 1.27mm Box Header180<H=5.7Add Housing
3 BHAS03-XXXXX 1.27mm Box Header180<H=5.7
4 BHAS04-XXXXXX 1.27mm Box Header 180<,H=5.4mm
5 BHAR01-XXXXX 1.27mm Box Header90<H=5.7
6 BHAR02-XXXXX 1.27mm Box Header90 H=4.9
7 BHAR03-XXXXXX 1.27mm Box Header 90<,H=5.4mm
8 BHAM01-XXXXXX 1.27mm Box Header SMT H=4.9 With post
9 BHAM02-XXXXXXX 1.27mm Box Header SMT H=5.70 With or Without post
10 BHAM03-XXXX 1.27mm Box Header SMT H=5.7 Add Housing
11 BHAM04-XXXXXXX 1.27mm Box Header SMT With post
12 BHAM05-XXXXXXX 1.27mm Box Header SMT,H=5.4mm
13 BHBS01-XXXXXXX 1.27x2.54mm Box Header 180<H=10.5 Four Row DIP
14 BHBS02-XXXXX 1.27x2.54mm Box Header 180<H=5.9
15 BHBS03-XXXXX 1.27x2.54mm Box Header 180<H=5.9 Add Housing
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